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A great setup for daily drivers

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- '99 AR2 g20t 5 speed running perfectly (in this case, maintained by Infiniti most of it's life right up to the last battery)
- 19 degrees timing advance (93 octane a must)
- '93 intake cam
- SSAC header with 2.5" collector
- stock cat with O2
- 2.25" Mandrel systems cat-back with Magnaflow 18" resonator and stock Calsonic muffler. Tubes welded.
- red valve cover, adds 1HP as does the red paint job on the car ;)

Running 205/50 R16 Falkens in the summer and 195/60 R15 General Altimax Arctic in the winter. Both have been my favorite tire combos thus far.

The car drives so well, sounds so good with just a little growl and accelerates hard all the way to redline. So smooth, no dips or surges just very satisfying acceleration and control. Just a little more power over stock, with stock sound levels, no boomy-ness just a meaner characteristic to the exhaust note up to and through WOT.

I may add a JWT short RAM but the sound level is perfect. Not sure I need the little extra HP for the other trade-offs. I tried the Magnaflow muffler, but it was ridiculous. I can't believe how loud they let a 2.25" inlet can sound that loud. I couldn't tell any power difference by putting the stock muffler back on, even at top end. Again, maybe with an opened intake.

What a great balance and even though the G20t might be "underpowered" in stock form according to some, it has plenty of gut on tap if you just let the darn thing spin like it was designed. I did the upgrades in stages and could feel the difference each time. Did the header first with everything else stock, didn't feel right and had surges in the power band. It all needs to be done at once IMHO.
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Magnaflow should change its name to megaloud, I switched to a 2.5 exhaust with Remus muffler.

Lighter flywheel and pull lies free up some hp as we'll.
How's your mileage?
Was getting 34 MPG a couple months ago driving from Philly to Grand Rapids, MI. Lots of mountains. It was all stock. There was a hole in the flex pipe and in the mid section at the hangar. My head still hurts a little from the gas attack. ;)

I figure this setup should get that, though I'm using an older O2 that's stuck in the SSAC. I suspect milage could be a MPG or two less from that but I haven't had an all highway trip to gauge. Sporty city/highway is about 30 MPG on snow tires. Just love hearing the sr20 wind up, and it has a proper growl now. Almost like a little V6 but the inline vibrates the tailbone more.
2.5k is so smooth, can't even tell the motor is running @ about 55 MPH.
Magnaflow should change its name to megaloud, I switched to a 2.5 exhaust with Remus muffler.

Lighter flywheel and pull lies free up some hp as we'll.
Yea, I just don't see how the power-to-noise ratio works out with the 2.25" inlet model I have. I don't think you can let enough gas flow through it to compensate for the noise level. I like to hear the motor sing and tell you what it wants.
Now that I just started getting a rear O2, no data, message. No doubt that it wasn't the lack of a rear O2 causing performance issues I had with only using an SSAC 2.5".

I wondered if the peaky curve with using the SSAC 2.5" with the replacement cat (no o2) and bosal cat-back was a bad combo vs. the missing rear O2. Now I know. That Bosal stuff is garbage. It sounded raspy, the resonators were a joke and it pinched flow to under 1.75" at the bends.

The setup I ended up with smoothed out all the peaks and reminds me of the VE as it approaches redline. It could use some torque down low but I don't mind keeping the RPMs up. Tires last longer with this combo, less grunt right out of the gate. Gets :thumbsup: from the wife and 18 year old son equally.
Oh, and can't believe I never noticed that the rear amp in the other G20 wasn't kicking on with my aftermarket deck. The stock system is very nice, deep bass for a stock system.

Thinking of adding a Mac mini and web cameras that stream video of outside the car 24/7. Media player with touch screen. I can get the doors and windows to trigger via a USB relay board, thought about installing that, maybe a remote start from smartphone. Touch start with key code bypass on the touch screen.

I have another AR2 5 speed, thought about turning it into something like Jackie Chan's car in Cannonball run. Realtime ECU read by the onboard computer showing on one screen and media or GPS on the second and third screens. Motion and force detectors to record driving and maybe provide tips based on conditions. And, Decent tech test bed before buying a nice '76 Z Aero or something else fun before getting wings.
Another note about exhaust. With the Mandrel Systems cat-back (including Magnaflow muffler) the boomy-ness changed with timing advance. At about 15-17 degrees, the boom was worse and so was performance, at 19 degrees some boom went away, tightened up and so did performance. Just a thought. Maybe with a shorter resonator, it would be nice and punchy. Like that guy that's funny for the first half of the party.
Set timing back down to 17 degrees. Was getting knock sensor code running mid grade. Stopped getting it with 93 octane but wanted a little wiggle room as others drive the car. Seems just a little stronger above 5k (probably because timing is no longer getting pulled by the ECU) but tip in is a little weaker now and a little growl is gone. Still great over all.
You should consider making a progress thread and updating information there.
This is helpful info, dont get me wrong. but its very "blog"-esque.
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