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Hi Fam, so ii have a Nissan Primera 2.0 GSi..
When ii got the car the fuel gauge wasn’t working. So yesterday ii started fiddling around with the float and got it working again.

Today I got in the car, turned ignition on, heard to clicking sounds come from a relay.. didn’t think much of it..

Started the car and drove out… after a few minutes of driving the car started giving a jerk like it was loosing power or running outta petrol, and then wouldn’t rev above 3500rpm..

After 3500rpm the car would start loosing power and me slightly releasing acceleration and accelerating again would keep the car going..

That’s until it can’t anymore then the revs would go down completely and the car would stall..

A couple swings later and the cars start again but the issue persists..

Any help would be much appreciated..

Thanks in advance…
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