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I've had various issues with my P11 recently, but I've managed to resolve most of them via advice from this and other forums. The only remaining issue is the power steering. It is slightly worn which causes very slight 'play' on the right front wheel. Unfortunately it is bad enough to fail a government check. The power steering was leaking very slightly (a few drops were visible because the boot was torn), but actually I think it hasn't got any worse. The power steering fluid level is about the same and I haven't topped it up since the last 6 monthly government check. So it has either stopped leaking or the leak is so small I'm not going to worry about it at this stage. Now the boot has been replaced the leak isn't visible.

The main problem is the power steering is slightly worn so when the car is jacked up and the right wheel moved the rack will move slightly (forward and back as opposed to left and right) in the assembly. If I take the power steering off completely that is a reasonably big job given my limited mechanical skills. I'm wondering whether it is possible to adjust the power steering while it is still on the vehicle. I tried, but the clearance is so small I just couldn't get a socket on it properly. I tried loosening the clamps that hold the assembly in place, but it didn't really help that much. I think the outer nut on the adjustment must be horrendously tight.

Has anyone successfully adjusted the powersteering while it is still on the vehicle. Is it possible ? I might take it to a mechanic, but I live in New Zealand and everything here is a horrendous price. Thanks for any advice.

If it turns out that it is impossible to adjust on the vehicle, then so be it, but if that option is available that would be preferable.
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