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Since installing my NEW AFPR,i have had nothing but hassle with it,i have it fitted correctly according to what i have been told and seen people do it on sr20etc,but when adjusting the fuel pressure by the nuts on the AFPR,nothing happens at all,yet after a short journey,my fuel pressure gauge will read different pressures at different times,this has been as high as 6 bar and as low 3 bar,when it goes to 6 bar on it's own,there is no way i can set it to what i want,i was wanting to set at 4 bar to help my problem leaning out.When i take off the vac pipe for the AFPR,nothing changes at all,when driving,i might get a period where the engine runs good,then all of a very sudden severe fuel cut,2 or 3 times in a row.

I have had a used SARD AFPR fitted also to make sure the first AFPR i fitted was not faulty,the same thing happens,no control over fuel pressure whatsoever,no adjustment,nothing.

Help !

Will a NISMO AFPR work with it fitting straight to the fuel line,unlike the ones i have been using ?

Car is a p11 Gt.
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