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After some parts

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Hey guys!
I'm from New Zealand and I'm looking for some stuff that's impossible to find over here, anybody have...
- Adjustable suspension ( P11 )
- HID Headlights ( including all wires needed ) ( P11 )
- USDM Tail lights ( P11 )

Any help is appreciated, the cheaper the better.

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I can source all of that for you but shipping is expensive.. I was going to ship the usdm tailights to someone in NZ and shipping alone was like $300 for the tailights..
I've tried eBay, the only thing I could find was the suspension, any recommended brands?
are you still looking for any P 11 parts? I have just about entirely disassembled my 99 Infiniti g20
I got what parts your looking for.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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