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alarm help? anyone???

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hey whats going on guys, first post. here it is:

alarm is going off randomly, i searched and found out that unplugging hood connector worked last night, it was awesome! now today i was driving and battery disconected, no biggie i re connected it and all was well till i parked the car and locked it. 10 minutes later alarm is sounding again. only way i disable it is inserting the key in the lock and leaving the car unlocked. here are some other things that may go hand in hand?

-the auto up on driver window is coming down half way when i auto up the window
-my reverse lights are not working
-windshield wipers not working
-sunroof just went
-passenger side door has no window switch and door itself was replaced

i know it sounds like alot but i dont want to give up on the car, its a 5speed black on black with low miles (119k) i just want to start with the alarm and work my way to fixing the rest little by little, im going to order the door switchs/light dimmer sensors this week for both driver and passenger and im getting the window switch for passenger side door. but any help would be appreciated. thanks fellas/ladies.
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My was just going off randomly too a week ago. Found out it was a dying battery. Had a bad cell
you know what, im starting to think it could be that...or maybe with the battery terminals being loose, maybe its acting as a dying battery....i'll have to tighten it up tonight when i get home from work, thanks for the input!!
could be, but i've had a p11 do this with a battery that was damaged, then I bought a remaned/used battery and it was doing the same thing where the alarm would go off randomly. Good luck
Thanks sarcazm I figured out the issue was the broken trunk wires, by the way what wheels are those on your pic?
yea im looking for some rims for my car, im debating on sentra spec v wheels or rota slipstreams, just trying to see what looks best
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