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alignment question

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We just got this new alignment machine at the shop so I decided to play with it with my car and notice that my passenger side camber on my p11 was off by -1.6 while the driver side was good at 0.3. I can clearly see my passenger tire leaning in. Upon putting it on the lift I cannot find anything bent or out of place. Ball joints are good and the tire is solid on the knuckle when I try to move it up and down and side to side.. Any suggestions?
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Check the lower control arm bushings closely. And, if you take out the lower shock mount bolt and support under the ball joint/lca it'll release some pressure on the susp so you can find issues easier.
You talking about the lower ball join on the control arm? if so i just replaced that. This suspension is so different then the b13s im use to working on.
yeah your right. whoa did I mis read that. im currently at work so I glance at it real quick.. I will check that now
I had a similar issue that was resulted from warn uca bushings. I didn't have slop in the suspension but when I pulled out the arms, the holes were offset towards the center of the arm on one side and the other side was twisted where one was inward in the front and outward in the rear. I think that was due to incorrectly installing my shocks. I had the spring twisted a little bit when I installed it.
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