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Alternate oil filter

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I know this works on highport engines, it's easy to check on lowport though (by looking at the filter):

Looking on K&N website and checking the specs, there's an alternate oil filter we can use in our engines.
The stock oil filter is HP-1008 with a height of 73mm, outside diameter of 68mm and a M20x1.5 thread. The HP-1010 is 95mm tall with identical diameter and thread (you can search their website for other manufacturers' part numbers if you don't like K&N).

Bottom line is: 22mm taller, larger filtering area, better protection, usually the same price, worth trying.
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I run the larger filter. You can also use the 300zx TT fuel filter in stock location. (lilttle bigger)
I just put it in yesterday. It looks like that's how it should have been from the factory - it's just as long as the shield. If there were longer ones, even another extra inch will fit perfectly.

I haven't changed the fuel filter since I bought the car (5 years ago), I'll try that soon!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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