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Antenna motor not working

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I believe my antenna motor is done... It no longer makes any noise or when has power to it it doesn't do anything... So I'm looking for cheap alternatives to fix it or replace. There are several threads I've read on here but I'm overwhelmed with all the searching and such. I've recently had the entire car painted so it looks beautiful but when he went to reinstall the antenna, no luck. Help please! Can it be rebuilt? Replaced from another Nissan? Is there a "prettier" antenna that isn't motorized? I saw the thread on the stubby, unsure if I like it or not. Any help or suggestions are greatly appreciated! Thx in advance.
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yeah, water gets in there, mucks up the internals, and the motor burns up. I took mine apart to try to fix it, and even with a motor that still made noise (was still functioning), I was unable to correct the problem.

The solid/stubby using the Altima mast is one alternative. You can use a regular whip antenna too, not just a stubby. A lot of folks chose the stubby because a regular antenna makes the P11 look like a remote control car lol.

The other option is to replace it with a New/functioning used unit. Dealers will rape you raw, eBay stuff can be hit or miss for fitment. A decent option is to buy a known working unit from a part out here, but who knows how long it'll last.

My last P11 antenna died, and I just forced it back down and disconnected the motor. Still got OK reception for most of the stations I listen to. Luckily my new G's antenna is still going strong (originally a west coast car, so not a lot of the same problems a Midwest or northern car might see). That said, I think I'm gonna figure out a way to do the BMW rooftop sharkfin antenna, or maybe something hidden in the C pillar when this one takes a crap. I think stubbies look good too, just want something different.
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