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Any Guess? Engine problems

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So today on the way home from work the car started running really rough, almost to the point of stalling. I mananged to get her home and even had codes checked (check engine light came on after). Codes:

Knock sensor
3rd cylinder detonation (knock?)

I pulled the sparks and 3 looked like this:

The third cylinder looked like this:

Background info:
recently replaced the battery. Alternator was replaced 6 month or so ago.

What are everyone's thoughts?
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You're very lean on 1 cylinder. Probably an injector going bad or not working.
You need to isolate the cylinder, then determine if fuel or spark problem. While running pull the plug wires one at a time and note change in idle. Then do the same with injectors. Did the engine shake at all?
I'll try that Dane. I can tell you it shook prior to me trying this but i'll report back.

Is there an easy way to get to the injector caps when you have a the high upper manifold engine?
pulled out the cables while the car was running. Small changes from1,2,4 not much of a change from 3. My guess would be the injector. I tried taking off the cap but the damn thing wont budge. any tips?
Just for future reference. The Injector was toast. It didn't even register on an OHM test. Replaced and everything is ok.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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