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Hello everyone, i recently purchased a g20t manual after owning an automatic one for over a yr. I simply fell in love with the chassis and suspension layout and decided to build one for track/weekend cruises. I previously owned and built many Hondas for about 10yrs. At this point i wanted to lay low key without the attention that Hondas get from thieves, cops etc..

Things i really appreciate about the g20t p11 chassis:
1- The double wishbone kingpin front suspension design in combination with the rear twist beam suspension. A very rare and desirable trait in FWD. The front end grip is amazing and the rear end follows beautifully.

2- the factory LSD and smooth gear box

3- how aerodynamic the car is, looks, and seating position is nice and low.

4- sr20 motor seems reliable and can take a beating.

If anyone in the Bay area actually aware how good this car is and wants to meet hit me up



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