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anybody close to Venus Auto in Sacramento?

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Is anybody close to Venus Auto Parts in Sacramento?

address:8425 Rovana Circle, Suite 600, Sacramento, CA 95828

I want to buy a Kidney Hood from them, but they wont ship. can somebody ship it out to me via greyhound? I will compinsate whoever can do me the favor with some $$..
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Weird that Ron won't ship it. He ships engines all the time. I have a friend who lives down there, I could ask him. I moved away many years ago, lol.
yeah, i have delt with Ron in the past many times. he is very cool about shipping but he mentioned that he didnt want to ship it. lol
He cites that shipping hoods and bumpers tend to get damaged more often than not
Ahh, makes sense. Bummer! If I was heading down to visit family anytime soon I would, but I wont be until early next year unfortunately :(
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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