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Anyone replace their AC compressor?

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Where are you buying your AC compressors at? I am looking around and on Ebay, some advertise that the 1.8 Sentra will fit a 2000 G20 as well? Can anyone confirm this? My compressor is starting to make some noise and my buddy thinks the bearing is starting to go, but the AC still blows cold.

Any input would be great. I am in the Bay Area Ca.
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I once used a unit off of a part out car.... with that said, there's a 00 g20 at Newark " pick n pull".
I don't know about a used one because I could do all the work and the same thing can happen again, how is that car pretty complete?
I bought a brand new oem off ebay for around $350-$380.
My old compressor was making noise and still worked but the noise got louder and louder. It was on the verge of being seized and i didnt want that to happen nor did i want to get stranded if my belts snapped.
I am now being told that its my alternator and not my AC compressor that is making the noise!!! So now I might be doing the alternator instead.
Does the year matter between a 99 and 00 p11's im about to put the belt on tomorrow , since previous owner bypassed the ac compressor , and for that reason i think i may need a new one sorry for threadjack
Love when someone apologize but do it anyway! At least it was ac related.
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