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Auto vs econ climate control settings, I'm confused here.

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1999 g20......

Well i've never seen this auto climate control stuff before since this is my first non horse.power oriented.

My question is what is the difd between auto and econ?

Thanks guys.
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Auto will run AC compressor to lower cabin temp. if needed. And the heater core will heat if needed.

Econ just uses ambient outside air and the fans.

Econ will save you a bit on gas since its not using engine accessories.

Hope that helps.
Hmmm makes sence cool thanks more question though......the button with the looping arrow what is that?

Hahaha I hate technology
That is the recirculate function on your climate control. When its on it will recycle the air in the cabin. When its off it will bring outside air in and cool it or heat it and bring it in the cabin.

Recirculate works if you want to cool or warm the car faster. If you have the ac on it will take the air thats already been cooled by the ac and keep cooling it. Same theory for the heated air. If you run the heater and there is moisture in the cabin it will fog your widows because the humidity will stay in the cabin with recirculate on.

By the way these cars also have an in-cabin filter behind the glove box. Its probably a good idea to have it replaced.
oh trust me i replaced the cabin filters the day i got the car and it made me gag thinking how someone can drive around with filters that were black and tar like.

Thanks guys
Its great to use econ unless you need a/c or defroster. Saves you gas!
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