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axle binding issues.

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does anyone know what axle i can run to stop vibration . Yes i am slam on 18s and i do not want to raise up just want to know from guys that a really low what they are using to minimize vibration. thanks
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How exactly are you slammed? Coilovers? Cut springs? Cheeto bags?
ss coilovers. im on 18s and there is no gap between fender and wheel
Only real fix is to run OEM axles.
When's the last time you replaced them? If they aren't the oem green axles, but aftermarket, it's hit or miss on the quality of the axle.
changed the passenger 4 months ago with aftermarket. change the driver 2years ago the after market. Which one cause the vibration the most driver or passenger
the aftermarket one.
1 - 15 of 15 Posts
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