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b13 5-speed parts in a p10?

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I need some input from the 5-speed swap gurus out there. Or anyone who has completed a project like this before, for that matter

I have the opportunity to pick up a rather clean 93.5 p10 with a bad automatic transmission and I was wondering if I could use my 93 nx2000, for a donor car, to swap over a 5-speed setup into the p10.

How interchangeable are the parts going to be? I am not a newbie to the fwd Sr community by any stretch of the imagination, but this undertaking would be a whole new experience for me.

My main inquiries would be:
-will the b13 5-speed setup fit in the p10 (obviously I'm assuming so)
-will there be any parts needed, that are p10 specific, and otherwise different on the original b13 setup.
-what will be my major obstacles undertaking such a project
-any other input, based off of experience, would be greatly appreciated.

I'm going to look at, and potentially buy the p10, in about 48 hours time. So any info given between now and then would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you ahead of time, God knows I don't want to be driving another autotragic p10!
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93.5 is going to be OBD2 so the 1st problem is right there because you'll get a CEL putting the NX trans in there for not having the right sensor on the trans. If you don't have to worry about smog or emissions test with a CEL on, then it might be a non issue for you.
i thought 93.5 was still obd1 but without a few of the dated problems like auto seatbelts. ive never owned a 93.5 or newer p10 so i might be wrong.

as for the b13 trans in a p10 you will be fine as lone as the p10 has the same type of speed sensor as the nx otherwise you lose your speedometer but tach will work. 93 and older p10 have mechanical and cable driven speedo. newer p10s have electronic speed sensor. the cel chris mentioned is from the sensor on the radiator side of the trans that i think counts the teeth on the flywheel. again i might be mistaken but as far as i know this sensor and cel doesnt have any negative effect on the cars drive-ability, and if the p10 is obd1 your harness wont have a clip for the sensor anyway.
My 93.5 is odb1. Some say they have seen odb2 but I still haven't myself. Tranny bolts up no problem. May need p10 axles. My speed sensor is electric and don't have the tooth sensor on the front of my trannys. Shifter linkage may be different as well as pedals. Both are cable clutches. From nx you will also need clutch and flywheel setup. That's just a start.
My former 93.5 was automatic and OBD2... while the manual I almost bought was OBD1

I've also seen 1 other 93.5 OBD2 automatic and 3 other OBD1 Manual trans... leads me to believe the Auto 93.5 are mainly OBD2 while the Manual are mainly OBD1
Good info my friends. Many thanks. I feel as if this particular p10 is an OBDII setup based off of what the seller has told me, though I have yet to see it in person to verify. My main concerns were shift linkage/axles/clutch cable etc. being different in terms of size and what not.
ask the seller if the spot on the ECU is blue or white and then you'll know for sure (that and a obd2 test port of course)
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