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aite so 1/4 of the work was already done for me, since my headlights were already opened via my fender bender.

so next I had to cut off the back of the reflector to make room for the HID projector

with that done, the projector im using was hitting the bottom of the reflector and I couldnt just notch my projector housing because well that would be stupid lol so I put a notch in the reflector. all that stuff u see on the reflector is DUST!!

now the projector has space to fit in the reflector

another angle

back view- the reason it protrudes so much from the back is because I have the projector all the way toward the back of the reflector

this is how the projector is supposed to sit, closer to the front of the reflector

side shot- as you can see, the distance the back of the projector is way less that in the pics above

and this last pic is just the bulb holder piece, i took off the actual glass projector so I can do some more measurements and get some angles right before I mount everything
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