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Battery Terminal Nut Size?

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Do any of you use a battery nut wrench on a P11 or similar? Tired of using pliers I picked up a battery terminal wrench from harbor freight but found it was too small for the nut on the terminal of my p11, thinking it may be because I bought cheap I bought yet another wrench from wal-mart and it too was too small. I can't understand what size nut this is as none of my sockets fit"either too small or big, the standard seems to be 10mm or 5/16". Whats more the terminal is made so the nut can't be completely removed. I know this is not a major dilemma but I'm stumped. Does infiniti have an off size proprietary nut?
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hmm i thought these wrenches I got were 10mm but I guess 5/16 is a smaller size. Seems that most shops carry these and not the infiniti friendlly variety. Guess I have to seek out a 10mm wrench.
5/16 is close to 8mm, oem batt clamp nuts are 10mm. A lot of aftermarket clamps use a 1/4" bolt which is 7/16 wrench. I imagine there are aftermarket clamps that use 8mm bolt which are 12 and 13mm. Someone could have replaced yours with any of the above, and more actually.
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