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Best tools to remove ECM / ECU from a 2001 P11?

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OK, I can't figure out how to get the nut out of the harness that holds the ECM in a 2001 P11.

I've tried my smallest wrench, my smallest ratchet set that I just bought and I even purchased a Craftsman right angle impact driver hoping that it would be small enough (it wasn't).

I'm pretty sure I've stripped most of the nut and I was hoping I could get it out with the impact driver cause it's also got a Phillips screw head on the nut.

Any ideas or tools used that worked for that tight spot?

**Pic is from a 2001 Maxima, but is very similar to a 2001 P11
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I'll answer my own question…Get this toolset:

GearWrench 85035 35 Pc MicroDriver Set

I bought mine at Sears.

Also, don't try to take off the bolts in the back. You will strip it. Remove the wire harness and take out the bolts in the floor. There are two of them.

The whole thing will slide out once you disconnect the computer and remove the remaining wire harnesses.
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