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i should have posted this a long time ago, oh well!

late in 2008 i bought some p10 primera TE sideskirts on yahoo japan auctions, using to bid for me and import the parts. it worked out very well. joji told me upfront how long it would take, and was a few months, but everything was on time. i did local pickup and met him in person. he is a very enthusiastic and friendly guy.

if you're not familiar, this is a proxy bidding service for auctions in the motherland. you fill out a form with the auction URL and your maximum bid, they send you back a quote with shipping fees plus commission, and you confirm it if the price is right for you. then his partner in japan bids, the parts ship over on a big crate every few months, and he ships your stuff out to you.

i recommend this service for finding and grabbing all the unobtainium you crave.
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