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Big turbo Partout: Garrett, Forge, Protech, Tial, N62, K&N, etc

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Parted the car and returning to stock, so everything has to go. Pictures are below the posting:

1) Garrett T3/T04E. 0.64 A/R turbine housing. Mileage - 3000 total (800 on rebuilt 360 degree bearing center section). The turbo was rebuilt NOT because it was blown, but because we had an oil leak issue which was thought to be a turbine oil seal, but turned out to be an incorrectly sized catch can. Since the turbo was already apart and the bearing was bought, we just replaced it and rebuilt with new bearings anyways. NO harm no foul

Price: $400

2) Thermotec T3 exhaust heat shield. About 800 miles and still in GREAT condition

Price: $40

3) Forge BOV. As the turbo, it was bought new. It has about 3000 miles on it total. Only seen a max of 15psi and was taken apart and inspection for any issues. Insides are flawless!

Price: $120 (with BOV pipe)

4) N62 MAF with filter. Bought several months ago and has unknown miles on it. Both mesh pieces are in place and has no broken pieces. In great condition. Comes with K&N 3.5" filter and MAF adpater. Filter has 600 miles on it.

Price: $65

5) Turbo intake Pipe. This pipe routes directly down between Gearbox and radiator for better cool air pickup. Has 4 ports welded to it (BOV recirc, catch can, vacuum and PCV)

Price: $20

6) Protech Log manifold. This has a few thousand miles on it and was bought brand new and ceramic coated (still have the receipt in my folder). Worked great and made 340WHP @ 13psi on the setup above). Ceramic coated as well

Price: $120

7) Protech Downpipe and 2.5" outlet. Outlet is ceramic coated with a O2 sensor bung and downpipe has one bung welded in for another O2 provision
Turbine outlet - $100
Downpipe - $100

Forge Intercooler: Like everything else it was bought brand new. Has a few bent fins ofcourse from being in the open airstream, but has ZERO boost leaks. Made 340WHP @ 13 psi with zero heat soak. This gets the job DONE!

Price: $100

8) Intercooler Piping: This piping was custom made for a top mount T3 setup and runs discreetly behind the bumper support and radiator. However, loses one foglight.

Price: $120

I can do a package deal as well too if you like. Shoot me an offer with the combine total in mind and I will probably oblige. But it must be a reasonable offer.


Below is turbo fitment, etc

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