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blackco's 1995 P10 - $600 257k mile Beater Project

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Picked this up for $600 because the previous owner thought it needed a transmission. (automatic trans) When I was originally looking at it, we got it fired up and I put it into reverse gear and it didn't even budge. There was no fluid showing on the transmission dipstick, so I was hoping all it needed was fluid.

Towed it to my Aunt's house and replaced the transmission pan gasket and filter, then filled with 7.5 quarts of fresh fluid. (only 2-3 drained out before I started :scared:) Fired her up and put it into reverse gear and it went in. Did the rest of the "new fluid procedure" then drove her around the block and it seemed to shift/drive ok. Got back to my Aunt's house and she pointed out that it was still leaking. Pretty heavily in fact from between the engine and transmission. Several people have pointed out it could be the transmission fluid pump seal, so I have decided to spend the time doing a 5-speed swap instead of pulling the auto to replace a $20 seal.

A/C works great though! :naughty:


- 5-Speed swap (in progress, just a few parts left to acquire then the fun begins of putting it all in. :zoinks:)
- Body work w/full Nissan Primera conversion
- G20t interior (I'm picky with cleanliness, so this will be an interesting search)
- Suspension galore (coilovers, bushings, sways)
- SR20VE swap
- etc, etc.

Anyway, here she is. Please excuse the cell phone photo.

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Hey very nice, clean body, btw have a white trunk debaged with spoiler and fogs with switch and fuse.
Congratulations!!! I always love seeing P10 projects gets me inspired and excited to get my P10 back on the road this summer :)
He needs a rear bumper too adrian
I need to go to the scrap yard this weekend to grab what's left of the shifter parts I need, and one of the cars there is white so I plan on grabbing the bumper. That left rear quarter is damaged too, so some body work will be needed there. Minor damage on the right front fender, need to replace it too but the car at the scrap yard is also damaged on that side.
Thanks for the link, but I'd rather not ship large items unless I have to. Kind of on a tight budge with this one, it's already taken me months to get all the 5-speed swap parts. :lol:
yay more arizona peeps! welcome to the best place on the interwebs. there are a bunch of us azg's out here some in chandler and more in mesa and in glendale too. you should come to the meet that we are having in January on the 18 ( i believe) there will be a lot of g's in attendance
I'd love to, but I don't think the car will be finished by then. If it is, it won't be registered yet. I'll try though.
either way come out and meet everyone. should be just kicking it and hanging abd bsing
I bought that same car (but in 5 speed) over 18 years ago brand new.
Good call on the VE engine. I have a track SE-R and that VE has great power compared to the weak DE.
Good luck w the project!!!
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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