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bladesz42's JW0 pleven Tiffini

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since all the old photo links are broken im going to just update this.

when I first got the car it was an auto with 82k

jump to now, it has 114k strong with a 6 speed qr25 transmission along with some other mods. its a great car, I want more out of it but its all in due time

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added some color into the engine bay today
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found a touring up at the yard so i pulled some parts off, a friend temped me into putting my tein springs on, and don kindly donated a gatecat.

working on putting my new pass side mirror to replace the broken one, going to paint the drivers side door before i put it on so its not tan (reason why i dont have any drivers side pictures), front mudflaps were found and installed, bought more parts for the manual conversion and got the stalk for foglights.
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Went up to the yards the other day and found a 02 with black interior. Pulled th. Rear seats, all door cards and center console (with heated seat switches), and clear side markers. Going back up Friday and getting more stuff if it's still there. Fronts were trashed sadly :(
Black interior will be so hawt in that..I've wanted it for so long haha. Can't wait to see it!!
Well some serious time has passed since I have been on and posted. Since then I have accumulated a nice chunk of the parts to put the qr25 transmission and planning on putting that in here in the next month or so. Still need to wire it down to obd1 and get some other small parts. Swapped out the factory 15's for the spec v 6 spoke wheels and kept the infiniti center caps. The JL w1v2 10" was replaced with a JL w0v3 12". Found some cool 350z floor mats to go with the black interior change over. Overall right now she isn't very pretty but a big change is happening. Still need some front interior to get rid of the rest of the tan. I'll try to post up pictures once I clean her up.
been a while since i posted. the car is now converted from auto to 6 speed, stepped down to 16 bit using a p10 ecu, changed the intake manifold to a lowport manifold, got rid of the cat exhaust manifold for a aftermarket style, changed out the tien springs to BC coilovers, managed to find a better condition hood and a sport grill, lower control arms have been rebuilt using superpro and energy bushings, the swap in being held in by loco side mounts and prothane crossmember bushings, and also found a set of fogs. it took a while, still working out the kinks (bad brake master, clutch system not holding pressure) but I am super excited to get this car back on the road to see how it feels with such a big change.

I will upload more photo's when I can get her out and cleaned up
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glad to hear you got it together!

haven't had much update on it in a while so i figured id just post a photo.
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I was wondering what happened. Like the 6speed?
What do you mean? I converted it to 6 speed last winter and I drive it on a daily basis

Just picked up a aem wideband going to install this week. More than likely ordering a harness kit for my ems4 to start that going aswell.
I was wondering what happened. Like the 6speed?
I can see how that is worded poorly....

I wanted to say I was wondering what had happened to the car (Last post was that it wasnt on the road yet) and whether or not you liked the 6 speed.
Oh I love the 6 speed. Unfortunately the transmission was abused pretty heavily by the prior owner but I have a spare good laying around I just need to swap stacks. I've never had the 5 speed so I can't compare the two but I thoroughly enjoy it
haven't posted in a while, Forgot a friend of mine got some video of me having some fun in my slow fat car. figured I'd share with you all
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