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Bogging 91 G20

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So, happen a couple days ago. My car while accelerating bog down and loose power then as it rev higher, it regain all the power at once. Sometime, when i floor it, i feel it misfiring at high rpm. Also, at idle, it sound like its misfiring but I have spark on all plugs, injector tested good, power to injector tested good too. Am I missing something? Thanks again.
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You have inspected spark in all cylinders? Have you determined if it's a single are multi cylinder misfire? If so what cylinder and what have you found so far?.
I check all spark wire and plugs. Fires fine, no misfiring but car bog at acceleration and after that or when rpm is high, it goes fine. Pretty much, I have to take off at a higher rpm then usually, if not, it bog but car doesn't die.
Ok. Well you can take the maf element out and inspect it for build up.
This is a problem that happens all of a sudden?
Yep, all the sudden it just happen. Today I inspected and clean the maf but still bog at acceleration. Doesn't seem to bog at high rpm and when I floor it anymore. I heard some say the grounding isn't contacting. Could it be?
Well, somehow after taking apart and cleaning the maf, car run fine now. No more bogging. :eh:
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