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Boston/West MA People?

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Going to be in the worcester area on friday night, anyone down for a late dinner/meetup?
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I don't even know of any members in this area...
Mikey and die lawn r from that area? but thyre not really active anymore, and idek if mikey is 21
Just looking for people to hangout with, I have a 5:30am flight, really don't feel like spending the cash on a hotel room for a couple of hours.
flying out of Boston?
Yup, logan
damn was going to say if leaving out of hartford, CT you we could have hung out and you could have crashed at my house for a couple of hours before the flight. Not too many members in the Worcester area I guess.
Mike sold is G and Mark works a lot, I forgot the other guy but yeah I didn't have luck in Boston when I was there!
I'm to south shore for Worcester.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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