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Brake and Battery light while driving

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I've noticed sometimes while I'm driving on windy days, the battery and parking brake light on te dash start flickering like crazy
It goes away after a bit, doesn't last more than a few seconds or a little more

Anyone know what this means?
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alternator is going bad
+1 to that

and that.

It's also a very fun job changing it something to look forward to there. Not that hard or impossible by any means, just fun. If you read through some of the search results and you'll see what I'm talking about;)
If they're flickering, you could have a bad connection somewhere. I would take the car to an Advanced Auto or other parts store and have them test the charging system to see if it is putting out the proper voltage. If you have a DVOM, you can do it yourself. You should see 12-12.6v with the engine off and 13-14.5 with the engine running. If you've got less than 13v with the engine running, your alternator is not charging.

If you find out that your alternator has failed, try to find a good used one to purchase. The alternators that parts stores sell are complete junk and rarely last more than a year.
Bumping an older thread. So I had no problems with the lights while driving but a few times over the last couple of weeks I tried to remote start it and it didnt start. i then used my portable jumper to start up the car and went on my way. This evening however I tried the same and the car shut off while running a few minutes after remote starting it. I tried jumping it again and while the jumper is on it runs okay and just the battery light goes on. Once I take it off it runs for less than 30 seconds then shuts off and all the lights on the dash are on or flashing. Mine is a 99 P11. You guys thinking the battery or the alternator in this case? I will put my DVOM on it tomorrow but the car won't stay running so i am thinking it's the battery
Its the alternator. Its not charging the battery. The car is only running on battery power until its drained. Volt meter should read around 14v while on at the battery.
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