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Matte Black or Polished??
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Welcome to the Brembo Club!

Members (in order by post):

##. Nick -------------- Car ------------------ Wheel (Size/Offset)

01. nut180sx ---------- P11 ------------------ Nismo (17x7.5"/47mm)
02. DavidEvans007 ----- 98 P11 GT ------------ Ultralite Spec
03. G2BENVD ----------- 5port ---------------- 04~06 Spec V
04. infuniti ---------- 99 G20t -------------- AT Italia 10 Razze (16x7.5"/+35,+38)
05. JC#79 ------------- 99 P11 GT-LE --------- Wolfrace Asia-Tec Bushido's (17")
06. Deano_Spumoni ----- 91 P10 --------------- VoXX Fiorano 17" (16x7.5"/38mm)
07. Krist ------------- 5port ---------------- Nismo (17x7.5"/47mm)
08. 00 blk G20t ------- 00 G20t AT ----------- HP Racing Typhoon (17"/1/4" spacers)
09. Keo --------------- 99 G20t -------------- 04~06 Spec V
10. TREYDEE ----------- 99 G20t -------------- ???
11. NismoG20T --------- P11 ------------------ 04~06 Spec V
12. Qctuner ----------- P11 ------------------ 04~06 Spec-V
13. SarCaZm ----------- P11 ------------------ 04~06 Spec-V
14. tampa_gdub -------- 5port ---------------- 17" OZ Superleggeras w/ 1/4" spacers
15. zoomZOOM20 -------- 01 P11 --------------- Drag DR-35 (17x17.5"/42mm)
16. enohand ----------- 96 P10 --------------- Nismo (17x7.5"/47mm)
17. Grimsta ----------- 00 P11 --------------- ????
18. Loek -------------- WP11-144 ------------- Nismo (17x7.5"/47mm)



Is this a bolt on affair or will I have to mod stuff?
If you bought the Spec V Brembo calipers, they bolt right up with no modification.
The only thing you will need to mod is the dust shield.
You can trim it back or remove it completely.

What about rotors?
You will need to by new, bigger, rotors to match the Brembo caliper.

What about brake lines?
You can use your stock brake lines.
But if you've been thinking about upgrading, now is the time to do it.

What size wheels will fit over the Brembo calipers?
There is no simple answer for this question.
Some people have found 16s that clear the calipers.
Some people have 17s that don't clear.
Some wheels that don't fit can be made to fit with spacers.
To help answer this question, the members of this club have provided their wheel specs.
(see member list above)

Where can I buy the Brembo calipers?
There are a few members on this board who can get these for you:
GregV @ G Spec Performance
Grimsta @ Zankoku Performance

@ EverythingG20 aka Infiniti Scottsdale
They can also be found on forums or eBay.

What are my brake pad options?
Nismo R-Tune (Pt# 41060-RNZ36)
OEM Brembo (Pt# 41060-6Z925)

What about rears?
The SpecV did not come with Brembo calipers in the rear.
You could use G35 rears but you would lose your e/parking brake.
With enough money and modification, it can be done, but it is not a direct bolt on mod.
Alternatively, you could paint your stock rears to match.
Check out this good little write up done by 00 blk G20t.

This FAQ doesn't answer all my questions!
This FAQ is a work in progress.
Feel free to post up your question and we'll help out as much as we can.


Spec V Front Brembo Specs (thanks nut180sx):
Brake model code : OPB27VA
Rotor outer diameter x thickness : 305x22 (12.01x0.87)
Cylinder bore (piston) : 38mm (1.50) x2 + 44mm (1.73) x2
Brake pad wear limit min. thickness : 2.0mm (0.079)
Rotor repair limit min. thickness : 20mm (0.79)


Original Post by ToXIc:
Well there is a wilwood club and i'm jealous, i'm eventually gonna do a brembo brake upgrade. So i'm starting this club, everyone that has this swap please post up pics and tidbits of info relating to issues, pros & cons etc.

Here are some other links of brembo swaps

I Gots More NISMO Then U!
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well the hardest part of the job was bleeding them, i used a lot of brake fluid!!! Also had somebody in the car when i was bleeding them.



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I have the calipers already im just waiting for my wedding n honeymoon to pass and im getting the rest of the materials, the only problem was u need to run 17's or bigger thats why i have been waiting
tell me about it, I'm getting married in september as well, and that's holding me back from doing alot of things. The 17" rim thing is the reason why I bought the wilwood setup that Pat sells. I NY winter wheels are a must and the sport wheels clear the wilwoods so that sold me.


those look soo hot. I love the brembo look, but like I said ^^

i dont think the rears bolt up.....and i got the calipers for 200 each plus 100 for powdercoating and rotors are like 30 bucks so im looking at a little under a grand
I don't think the spec-v had rear brembos.

I Gots More NISMO Then U!
2,913 Posts
i got the calipers for 200 each plus 100 for powdercoating and rotors are like 30 bucks so im looking at a little under a grand
Were did you get rotors for $30, i looked all over and no company make cross drilled or slotted rotors for the spec-v (with the Brembo option) There's a machine shop on ebay that takes the OEM and cross drills them. Factory OEM rotors w/ the Brembo option are like $100 w/ a discount. So if you can get them for $30 each buy them all up!!!!! :naughty:
(P.S. make sure your not getting the stock spec-v rotors)

I don't think the spec-v had rear brembos.
Eric they did make the Brembo rear calipers for the Spec-V but what I've sean there rare and hard to come by.
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