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i need some parts 4 my Primera

Air intake cover, and a motor idle unit(dont know better way to describe it - the thing that controls rpm when u r not in gear and not pushing the gas pedal)
sideskirts - something that will even the height of front bumper and the rest of the car
are there any addons for rear bumper aswell?
fuelpump - the one that actualy is the RIGHT one for my car (not this #%@#$ thing that i got now that doesnt pump petrol properly - lucky me, i use gas 4 drivein)
rear spoiler - i have a low one(its 4 sale btw), would like 2 put some racing one
springs that will lower my car for bout an inch
thats 4 start
pm me or leave msg here
thanks in advance

lol this should b moved to other section........sorry fellas

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ive got the stock shifter for a 94 p10 ill give away. can easily modify it into a short shifter, hack off 1/8" off the bottom of the shifter and reweld. thats the only difference between the short shifter and the stock one. if you're interested mail me at [email protected] just type "g20 shifter" in the subject or something.
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