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Can anybody in the oly,Tacoma or Seattle area help??

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Got the g started finally then turned the idle down cus it wanted to start at 2k and now it just wants to bog down and flucuate from 700-900 rpms. Was gonna do the timing procedure but it dies as soon as I unplug my tps which means the base idle must be too low. I made sure to bleed and burp the coolant so I don't think there is any air and I can't find any vacuum leaks. At my wits end
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Nobody really? Well hoping to get it set straight today. Just roll the other rear fender get an alignment and finally ill have my car back
I would help, but I don't know what I'm doing.
Ok I found a cause and effect symptom. I was bleeding the coolant again just to make sure. the car wanted to cold start nice and smooth but at 2k rpms and slowly go down. I forgot to close it and saw a good amount leaking. So as soon as I closed it the rpms dropped to 730ish and bounced up and down from there to 920ish. I tried it again just to see if it was a fluke. But the exact same thing happened. What does this sound like?
By it I mean the bleeder screw
Well it seems like it. But I would assume bleeding the coolant wouldn't leave any air in the system to make it act up. I'm stumped I only found one hose that I forgot to clamp down but it wouldn't make a vacuum leak. Also checked maf. If all else fails I change the iacv to my original one, but damn it's a bitch to get my hands in there
Replaced pcv then switched out iacv and idle control valve and one of the 3 was the problem. Finally I can finish this project
About to go to a mechanic coolant is boiling and the timing I can't get set
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