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Can you smell that?

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Hey guys, I have a 2002 G20 sport, and i noticed that my engine seems to smell like it is burning, it is that smell you get after you have just been racing and pushing the car to higher RPM's but it has been like that for about 3 days now, even with the car off. I also noticed that it is idling a little low, does anyone have the correct idle rpm's? and the tachometer is a little wavy when idling, is that normal? I need to bring it in for servicing, it is about 3,000 miles overdue do you think this could be the problem. Any help would be great becuase the car only has 9,900 miles on it and i am a little worried. Oh yea when i am shifting from first to second the car seems to "jump" a bit could this mean i need a new clutch? Sorry for the long message but i need help an i am very worried :(
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sometimes the smell is burning cosmoline which is a protective chemical sparyed on the engine before leving the factory . go test drive a new car and run it wicked hard and you will smell a burning smell that might be similar .

good to hear andother 96 haveing a burning smell gonna look for that fuse when i get back to my car in 90 days
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