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I used the following settings on my 2000 SE

32 is rpm signal, 35 can be used as well, using 32 you won’t be able to correct past 6000rpm - EDIT: Use pin 75, this signal avoids the lack of correction past 6000rpm while avoiding the summer overheating that can be caused by using pin 35

48 is ground
61 is MAF signal
110 is power
81 is knock
92 for throttle, 71 works too, but 92 gives you the flexibility of modifying this signal if you need to

Problem 1:

I cut wire 61, which on my car was green. I spliced in the yellow safc wire to the ecu side of the wire on pin 61. The white safc wire I connected to the other side of the wire on pin 61. I left the safc II settings on 01 and 01 as in and out and sen. cal as 1 and 1. I changed the car type to 4 cylinder and then the upward right arrow for throttle. When I start it up, the car is in limp mode, doesnt want to go past about 2000 RPM.

Im getting the RPM reading, an air fuel voltage, which is about 1.0-1.4 somewhere there, a voltage of 8v [seems low?] and a knock of about 77.The car will not past 2000 RPM and wants to die.

When I reconnect the two sides of pin 61's wires, the car idles PERFECTLY.

What am I doing wrong? I purchased this unit from a forum member so Im not sure if its busted.

Problem 2:

Im getting power from pin 110, which according to what Ive seen on the forum is what I should be using. The unit powers up but everytime I turn the ignition off, it resets. I found the INITILIZATION menu under ETC but it asks for INITILIZE ALL and I select NO but im not sure what I need to do to comfirm that setting?

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