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car vinyl/stickers/decals

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Hello fellow members i work for a company were we make "promotional products" for companys .... But we also do custom car vinyls/decals and stickers and i can get anyone a better prices were located in hoffman estates and the company name is plum grove printers we are located next to a shop guyscalled boostin performance im trying to get us working with cars more we also have someone out in the cali area for all the cali guys so if your ever looking for sometging like that lmk.. We also do banners buisness cards key chains tee shirts
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I dont have any on my phone if you wanted im sure there is some at we are working on uploading some new things so the site may say its currently not work or some
Lets get some shirts with are usernames,i think it would be dope
It would be kool but he`s right a group buy on tee shirts would be kool even if we didnt use the
How about something like those primera shirts that somebody posted about like 5 months ago?
I would have too see i mean im not sure what your talkn about but what ever you guys want each shirt would be around 20$ customized but.... If we have alot of ppl order the price will go down & i get a discount roughly 50$ from every 130$
It would be 17$ a tee shirt and 27$ a long sleeve polo and if we buy more the price goes down i just checked plus discount
Can we get permission to use the logo?,either way im down for a primera p11 shirt.
Im not even sure how to go about doing that to be honest lol
pay some sort of licenseing im sure . probably not worth it
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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