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CFS: 99 G20 SR20VE-T for sale

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Looking to get into something different so Im posting my p11 for sale
This car is my daily driver and never gives me any trouble.
Tuned by Jamie Marsh in CT
Lots of time and money was put into this car
Here are the list of mods

sr20ve with neo vvl
Gtir manifold
garret t28
2000+ LSD 5 speed transmission
Tial waistgate
Turbo xs blow off valve
Turbo xs dual stage boost controller (10psi daily and flip the toggle switch to 15psi)
Auromotive 340lph fuel pump
Nismo FPR
z32 maf
Water methanol injection kit
525cc injectors
Slim radiator fans
aem wideband
boost gauge
water temp gauge
oil pressure gauge
fuel pressure gauge
New optima red top battery
Clutch masters stage 4 clutch 6 puck sprung
Custom full 3 inch exhaust. 2 18'' long vibrant resonator and 4'tip magnaflow muffler. total parts and pipes and bending and welding labor was $850
Sounds great. not too loud. very deep sounding.

Jdm headlights (retro fitted)
Jdm steering wheel
Jdm cvt cluster
Tein lowering springs
bbs rims 17 inch
big brembo brakes and rotors
ss brake lines
new axles
blox lug nuts
10mm spacer up front
20mm spacers in back
wings west lip
g20 kh3 sport grill
in dash tv cd player
burberry printed headliner
aftermarket woodgrain dash kit
raliart mudflaps and shift knob
racing seats
sparco belts
harness bar
Alarm system

Fresh new pearl white paint job.

I changed oil every 2000 miles
I have been looking for some rear black leather seats so if i find some soon i will probably have them installed before the sale
I always keep good care of the car and never beat on it


Not in a rush to sell. Going to be leaving for college in a couple of months so just posting this up now. Hoping to have it gone before i leave so its not just sitting at home.

Im asking $10,000 for the car. I added up everything i have into the car and its well over that.

If you are interested or want more info you can call or text my phone

(845) 807-1562

Build thread is here:
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GLWS, this is nice. You had a good thing going with that VE-T
wish this were closer, i'd be all over this thing. Seems everyone's hopping out of the g game. Crazy clean ride man glws.
wish this were closer, i'd be all over this thing. Seems everyone's hopping out of the g game. Crazy clean ride man glws.
Not everyone bro.
Yo where you get them bars from? U tryn part spme parts out? Lol
This car is one of my top g20s i've ever seen.. glws.. wish i was rich..
Very respectable car. GLWS!
Not everyone bro.
+1 bro!

Good luck with sale nice buuild
Sad to see this go..:( hope it stays on Gnet!! GLWW
Thanks to everyone for your comments! Im not necessarily hopping out the G game just trying to get some of the money back i put into this so ill have money for when im away at school and probably just get a cheap P11 for a daily driver with light mods. Nothing too extreme like i did with this one here.

Nelson- On the dyno the car made just about 300hp with my old turbo which was bad. The turbo blew a little while down the road from the dyno. The one in it now is strong and im thinking its making about the same. Ill probably be taking it back there soon
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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