Figured i'd throw this post up on the forum finally but I've been making chassis shirts/hoodies for awhile. I'll throw some examples on here, but I have tons of Nissan [or other manufactures] like B13, B14, B15, 510, S Chassis, Skyline, Nismo Logos, VVL Logo....whatever. Shirts usually like $20 shipped, hoodies $40-$45+ depending on size or color and if you want more than just one side done. I can do whatever just hit me up what whatever idea ya got. I also cut vinyl like gate cat stickers and such lol.

Tire Wheel Automotive parking light Vehicle Car
Motor vehicle Hood Sleeve Bag Automotive lighting
White Sleeve Textile Rectangle Grey
Outerwear Black Sleeve Grey Font
Vehicle Hood Automotive lighting Automotive design Grille
Outerwear White Product Textile Sleeve
Sleeve Grey Font Sportswear T-shirt