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Nice and clean.. I'm loving the white wheels.. The last pictures look nice too.. Nice stretch!!
Thanks! i had some help from some of the guys from the forums to get my car to where it is.

its cool to see the stages of wheels you went through. looking good!
but please take that teamfacebook sticker off
Lol I don't have it on there anymore. The last few pictures don't show that side. Also, you can see more than just the wheels change. Tints, Grill, JDM Dual clear, Fogs, JDM Dual Black/HID, West Wing Lip, and Tein Springs.

I know she needs more low! I need to pay for all the tickets I have gotten with her these past two months and then I can start saving for coils. The struggle is real.
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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