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Cleaning out the garage

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I need some room in the garage, so im selling some odd parts. All prices include shipping and paypal fee's unless otherwise stated.

Alternators - all OEM beside one - $50 shipped

DE cams. I think they are lowport cams but im not sure. Maybes someone could chime in there. $25 shipped each - Only One cam left

VE TPS's - $40 shipped for the Nissan one and $35 shipped for the other one. The nissan one has a crack on the bottom clip but its the one that we do not use.

here is a pic of the damage

VE 330cc injectors - $15 each shipped

B14 dizzy pigtail - $8 shippeed

B14 cruse controll button $8 shipped - Firewall gromit where engine harness goes through $8 shipped - B14 Clutch cable spacer $8 shipped

F1 racing throw out bearing with clips - $25 shipped

B14 front break pads unknown brand - $20 shipped

B14 front seat belts - $40 shipped for both sides

B14 stock fuel pump with case - $35 shipped

knock sensor - $10 shipped

B14 rear break pads unknown brand - $15 shipped

lowport rail with no injectors of fpr - $17 shipped. with FPR and three injectors $30 shipped

Water pump pulley - $15 shipped

B14 MAF housing - $15 shipped

B14 MAF with housing - $40 shipped

B14 Air bag module (under center console) - $15 shipped

One DE valve cover - $50 shipped

I also have 2 VE and 1 96 DE Engine harnesses for scraps with almost all of the pigtails on them. If you need any let me know.

E60 MAF with pigtail $55 shipped and paypaled

authentic stock garret 2871r acuator 12psi - $70 shipped (never used but was mounted a few times so there are a few scratches.)

Holley AFPR with boost refrence port and mounting bracket $55 shipped

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$50 for the ssi..i dont need it at all, just want to play with it
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