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Clutch suggestions?

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So my clutch is getting pretty bad. I drive a 02 5port, only engine mod I have is a cold air intake. What do you guys suggest for clutch, pressure plate, and flywheel? I don't want anything that is crazy, just something good that is a little better than stock. Don't plan on doing any engine mods anytime soon, so the clutch just needs to hold stock power, which I assume is pretty easy because the G's don't have power stock.
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Stock works well for that job!

If you want a new flywheel fidanza makes lightened fly wheels that are nice.

Give Travis at Infinisec (infiniti of escondido) at 760-294-7082 he can hook you up on OEM clutch, TOB and Pressure plate.

If you want to go aftermarket (you really don't need to) I never had luck with ACT (some have however) but I did go with Competition Clutch and have yet to have an issue with my 15psi turbo application
Could upgrade to lighter flywheel, it will rev a bit faster. Best to stay oem with all the other parts in your situation.
I might have to pick one of those up, I just need to figure out my funds first, and will definitely let you know. How big of a difference am i looking at if i put this in? And is this basically the same as the Fidanza flywheel?

is that about the right price for the Fidanza flywheel?

I called Travis today, should hear back from him any time now.

Any other suggestions on anything i should do while i have everything torn apart?

also, I was looking at the stage 1 competition clutch kit. it only lists them for the 91-96 G20. will that fit my 02?
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