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Complete 5lug conversion.

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All parts used and in good shape.

Basically grab some wheels/tires, press the front hubs in new bearings in your knuckles, and this bunch of parts and you're done.

Front rotors, rear rotors, front hubs, rr hubs, rr carrier brackets, rr spacer rings.

400$ plus shipping. Add 60$ for rr sleeves and fitting abs rings for p10.

This includes an exchange for your abs rings.
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would you consider any trades plus cash??
I have a avenir w11 turbo kit. Includes ball bearing t25, exhuast manifold, exhuast j-pipe, heat sheilds, oil lines, outlet pipe, bov and EVO intercooler. Avenir w11 t25bb turbo (garrett 14411-5v400)
Not interested in trades at this time. And, I have most all the turbo stuff I need anyway. Thanks anyway.
you gonna more of these?
do these come with the abs rings? what else would you need to complete the swap?
do these come with the abs rings? what else would you need to complete the swap?
im sure theycome with rings
wheels are tires and 4 extra lugs
Yes, abs rings are pressed on, everything is ready to bolt on and go except pressing the front hubs in your knuckles.
This for p10. Or p11.

What front knuckles are the front 5 lug hubs pressed on (p10 or p11)?
Which abs rings (p10/p11) are on the rear hubs?
(Abs rings are not the same and neither is placement of the ring on the hub)
p10 (sleeve and spacer)are different than p11 (spacer)

I don't mean for these questions to hurt your sale, but I have done this conversion to both p10 and p11. That's why I ask.

This is a great deal and will save anyone a lot of heart ache and money. GLWS
Knuckles must be posted in invisible ink above. Lol

Knuckles not included, I forgot about that part of these being ready to go. You'll need to get them pressed in.

Abs rings on the set thats ready to go is p11, as are the spacers.
But, if you want a set pressed in knuckles and fully ready to bolt things together let me know and I'll fix you up.
Bumpski. A 50% deposit will hold them for a month, someone asked a while back.
my offer still stands... how much would shipping to 11801 btw
Dane needs this for his bbs
I approve this message. Maybe just convert to using wheel bolts then he can swap between 4 and 5 lug wheels
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