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CPO: 99 g20t tan w/ tan interior rear collision

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every thing is for sale except engine and wheels

i was going to fix the car so i have a white trunk lid with spoiler and another set of taillights
automatic trans
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Automatic or manual?
Dibs on engine harness.

MEGA dibs ha
Rain visors? can I haves?

Also looking for a A/C compressor and (if it is a M/T) the wiring harness that goes from reverse switch and the revese light PNP Harness.

(Shown here):
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Is the front bumper cover intact with tabs and in decent shape? Very interested. Shipped price to 11215? Also if you are not too far, maybe I could even just drive over to meet you. Let me know please, thanks!
about suspension parts is that i have no stands and how do u guys junk the care if its all missing im a newb at parting a car any input would be great

the car is auto will update first post
fog light finisher DS, side marker me pls, and shipping quote to 95355
I've got to see if I have the dd finisher and you mean the corner light right
I'll send u a pm tomorrow with pics
Sorry my bad not side marker but passenger clear corner pls. Both with price quote to 95355
Fog light finisher as well..its the part right by the fog light looks like a light.
Do you still have the drivers side key cylinder assembly? How much shipped to 90020?
Is the sunroof assy working properly? Can you pm me a price for the entire sunroof assy, also a price on the extra set of tail lights.
Hey I'm in need of the carpet and floor mats if they are in descent enough shape, not looking for mint, but just good enough to be seen on a dealership lot as a trade in. Also if you know how to remove the rear seat leathers instead of shipping them with the foam, LMK how much for those. Shipping is to Baytown, TX 77521 (residence).
1 - 20 of 22 Posts
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