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CPO Sr20ve G20

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Parting out a 95 Infiniti G20 With complete and Running Sr20ve Installed Car is lowered on tein Springs Front and Rear Very stiff
Title is in Hand if u want want the whole car
Battery is relocated in the trunk Car has CAI routed to the front bumper Engine was ins talledand driven for about a month then parked
Has no A/C
Car will need a couple things to be perfect but did run good
Tyrell - 8434688993
Looking for 1100 for swap 1500 for entire car
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want to sell me your VE distributor cap and rotor or whole distributor?
i wanna sell entire engine not using the Ve dizzy using DE dizzy
i might still have it give a lil time ill check
Let me know.
nah i dont have the VE one
What ecu is the car running? What clutch?
Any rust? Might be interested in the whole thing if still complete
Body is not the best but call me rather get rid of the whole car to be honest .....Stock G20 ecu
I live in nj and interested in the whole car pm me with details
Hey interested in selling the tranny? how much im in NY
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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