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What all do you have from the 5speed, if its 90% complete?
Sorry its not 90% complete no more I sold the Transmission, clutch kit and flywheel. But I still have mostly all parts for swap.

5 speed swap parts include
•P11 Rear Motor Mount Bracket •P11 Manual Transmission mount
•P11 rear motor mount
•Pressure Plate to flywheel bolts
•Hydraulic Clutch Pedal and Master Cylinder
•Hydraulic Clutch Hardlines Lines
•Hydraulic Clutch *Dampener*
•Hydraulic Slave Cylinder
•Hydraulic Clutch Rubber Line
•Shift Linkages
•5 speed Shifter
•5 speed Shift Surround
•Drivers side axle (brand new. not pictured)
1 - 20 of 54 Posts
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