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Cusco arms and QT link

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Ladies and gentlemen. I here have a set of left and right Brand new never installed p10/p11 cusco negative camber upper arms for grabs.

And the QT link Kidcaffeine had that I never installed. The QT link corrects the offset in the rear when you lower the P11.


I'll have more parts coming soon for sale everything aftermarket off my car. When I return it to stock in couple months. Just waiting for some snow in the mountains to get some last pictures of my car before I sell it.

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Cant believe none of the slammed p11 guys want this stuff.
Did you get marcus fixed up with the parts he bought?

This is to nismojunkie by the way. Not Johnipt8.

Sorry, real bad of me to post this here. I didn't it thinking it was in another thread and it got amplified before I realized it.
THAT, ^^ my friend, is the correct question.
^ He Said Slammed, Not Wack
They are still available
No intake parts coming off since I don't have stock replacements. ^
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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