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Custom MFactory Helical LSD for $700

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MFactory at is considering making Helical LSD for our transmissions. Prebuy cost is looking to be $700, but will be more expensive after the initial run.

They need a few to buy in before they start producing them, thus spreading the word to get a new LSD option for us!

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they are going to make some for open-diff transmissions as well as VLSD equipped transmissions.

There is a general interest thread up for clutch-type LSD for your uber curbing racers
There are several prototypes made for the exclusive purpose of being test fit. Bryan and others have had a test unit for a long while now but have not text fit them.

It is 98% done. We just need a confirmation to the factory that these are right and they can go into production. That is how close we are to having way better LSD for both open and VLSD-equipped boxes, at a fraction of quaife with the same functionality.
"would still like an LSD at the group buy pricing ($684.95), please PM me to order. This pricing will only be valid till the 8th Feb, so make sure to take advantage of this offer asap!"

PM "MFactory" or Email Stephen Yeh @ [email protected]

If you want a diff that requires no maintenance for the lifetime of you owning the car.

EDIT: These are available for V-series transmissions and A-series so you open-diff peg-leg folks are NOT excluded.
1 - 5 of 11 Posts
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