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Custom shortened UCAs for negative camber

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Posting this group buy for full custom upper control arms for G20's and Primera's. This thread is for deposits to get going on these. I see lots of talk so far, no deposits. We can talk in the other thread.

This pic is an unfinished one beside an oem arm for comparison.

Finshed arms. These are made of steel and will be powder coated finish.

I'd like to get comitments of 10 deposits of 195$ in order to get the parts ordered. 180$ will be due prior to shipping completing the 375$ purchase price for one pair, shipping included in the states. International shipping will add the difference in my shipping cost.

UCA's minus the bushings will be $270 total price, shipping included.

PayPal address is [email protected]

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What are the advantages of yours over stock? Camber?
What are the two lengths and corresponding camber amounts being offered?
What are the advantages of yours over stock? Camber?
-Camber, increased clearance for lowering.
What are the two lengths and corresponding camber amounts being offered?
Right now I'm planning on -0.5 and -1.5 from stock. Those can be tweaked a bit if there's enough call for different amounts.
-Camber, increased clearance for lowering, and cost savings.
Thanks. I think I paid $155 each for new OEM arms from Travis. I wish I had paid the slight difference and gotten these instead. :(
Intrested kep posting pics i might just buy
Are you including bushings installed on the final product? Discounts for people using their own bushings? Great stuff as always Loren, looks like another solid option from Loco performance.
Interested, need to save up some loot for these babies.
I'm interested..are they already made or your waiting for more interest to make these?
would you just do a set for me since no one else stepped up, or you're waiting on more people
Funny how a few people want me to do a set for them but nobody wants to pay the deposit to get this started. Add another 75$ to the price and I can do one'sies and two'sies.
75 to the final price or 75 to the initial deposit
i get you well I'm down for a set hopefully more people step up so i can save 75 bucks.......since the price changed due to lack of participation is the deposit different or just send the extra before the delivery
Yes, and yes. Price without bushings will be cheaper.
price without bushings?
1 - 20 of 148 Posts
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