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Daily driving with a small battery..anyone have problems running a small battery?

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After 6 years my optima blue top is giving out. Pretty sure my alt going bad fried it somehow. Although today it seemed to start fine everytime. Lol anyways i decided to go with a small battery. I went with the odyssey pc680 and modified it for car terminals. I haven't read much on anyone using a smaller battery here but the miata guys freaking have like 1lb batteries and start the car no problems all day long. I want to go small battery but 1lb is nuts. Lol i went with a 15 lb one because people seem to get at least 3 years from them on car before they leave the lights on and ruin the already weak battery. Anyone running small battery?
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I run a miata battery in my S13. Starting on cold days is a chore, unless it's charged to full capacity, lol. I have to charge my battery from time to time to keep it workable, but I don't drive that car everyday, so that's most likely why.
From what i have seen daily driving as long as you don't jump start people you should be fine.
Mike (P10DET) runs a nice small batt..

i hear that the Odyssey batts are pretty good
IM useing a sheriken bt20 20amp hours. It's so far so good and it cost way less than a regular battery.
Their is also odesssy Braille and others. Brailles are really good but it has been brought to my knowlage they are rehashed Deka batterys. RN Is getting small battery also and we are mounting it really low infront of the trans

My battery is on gnets FB along with my custom tie down.
id recomend looking around the dekas seen to pack alot of punch.
But my Sheriken gets the job done very well for size
i thought about going smaller than i did and using super capaciters but i just wanted to go with the odyssey because the make alot of trays for it to mount different places.
I do not understand the advantage of using a small battery. Why not use the correct battery for the vehicle? Optima batteries , in my experience , are junk. The U.S. Navy decided at one point in time to replace all the lead acid batteries used in aircraft ground support and material handling equipment with Optima's. The main reason for this action was to reduce the amount of hazardous material on Navy ships. At first everyone was bragging about the new battery until they started to fail, especially in cold weather. The Navy was so unhappy with the batteries that they went back to the lead acid type. I'm certain there are some applications where the Optima works fine. I would never buy one myself especially when they cost more than a conventional battery. Just my two cents.
Small battery would be for weight and/or space considerations.
My battery is a fraction of the size of a normal battery and yes a fraction of the wheight.
It is a agm non spilable battery. It has just as much balls as a full sized battery. Some of the hire dollar AGM are lithium ion battered pack even more punch and are even lighter.
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