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Dan's SR20DET JDM P10

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Bout time for an update... haha

The mighty Primera failed a warrant on many things and after returning it mostly to stock, it was sold to a friend. I still see the old girl every now and then and she is in great shape.

After owning a BMW 328i briefly before it was crashed into, i have been driving an E38 740i. Beautiful car, big 4.4l V8, but so boring to drive.

So I have bought myself a Nissan Skyline R33 GTS25, RB25DE 5sp manual, fully optioned. Pretty much a turbo version without the turbo, has big brakes, turbo axles, diff and subframe etc.

I can put some photos up if you guys like, i will be following a similar trend to the Primera.

Anyway, farewell to the Primera and for now, i may be back in the Primera game one day!

I was right! Skyline was stolen. Typical here unfortunately. Primera time again...

Image uploading. Refresh page to view

Remember this photo? I now own the one in the middle!

Built by another NZ club member, owned and fixed up by another, then passed on to me for the next stage in its life.

U13 SR20DET, Front wheel drive, factory t25 turbo tuned to 241hp at the wheels @14psi. Greddy E-01 boost controller, bigger brakes, BC Gold coilovers and other goodies here and there. Very fast.. but has some issues with boost that I need to sort out at the moment.

Perhaps you guys can help - missing under full load, "vrrrrmmmMMMOOO**OOO*****OOO****O - PSSH" - best i can do. lol.. Seriously though, new spark plugs fix the issue for just a day, maybe too much fuel/bad filter etc. Or too little fuel, uses more than i'd like though but maybe that's just me getting used to turbo haha. Will be chucked on a dyno soon hopefully that should help sort it out.

Plans are some nice dished wheels to fill the guards, clean panels, autech lip, nismo grille, eyelids, EUDM taillamps, factory black/red interior trim, and clean up all of the suspension/hubs with new and aftermarket parts. Not after much more power out of it yet until I can find a reliable gearbox set up solution. 240hp is more than enough for a daily driver!

Anyway, good to be back guys! Knew I couldn't stay away from Primeras too long haha

(For those who don't know me - here is my old P11!)
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Welcome back! Sorry to hear about the theft, I know how that is unfortunately :baffled:
Very nice P10, congratulations and welcome back!! :)
Nice! Noise you describe at WOT and 14psi could be spark blowout. At least that's what mine did. Short-term fix is to gap the plugs tighter...long term is to upgrade ignition system. You have a wideband to make sure your AFR is good all the way through the RPMs?
Cheers guys :)

I forgot to mention it also has a boost leak, something like 3psi through the intercooler piping. Will replace the silicone joiners for now, but eventually get everything welded up I hope. Ignition system has been mostly replaced from what I understand, I'm starting to think bad fuel filter as it vibrates quite a bit at idle too. Could that be a possibility? I'll replace it tomorrow anyway it's not hard just for peace of mind haha.

And j-tek - no P11-144s here in NZ unfortunately :(
Chur fellas,

fixed the boost leak I think, spools way quieter now but still mis-fires at the top end. next i'm going to replace the fuel filter and gap the plugs tighter, see if that helps!

Your P10 looks so good :) I need to buy coilover for mine
Bit of an update, gapped the plugs to 0.7mm today and it made no difference, if anything a bit worse but not really.

There is a breather hose you can see here that come out of the rocker cover and goes nowhere, not sure about that but shouldn't be cause air/fuel ratio issues i guess. There is another one coming out the other side of the rocker cover too, but I can't find one coming out of the intake which would potentially cause problems.

Here is the fuel pressure regulator. No leaking fuel in the vacuum line or around the area. This pesky think seems like it could cause problems though, i'm on to you FPR

Thanks guys! Dan
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Sensitive content, not recommended for those under 18
Teaser pics!

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Very nice! I want to get that lip, lol.
Autech FTW!! You really need to get the PCV system routed properly. Those air leaks are definitely causing part of your issue. What engine management system are you using?
This car is hotttttt

Edit: get rid of that MSD coil. The OEM coil is WAY better
The P11 primera Dan used to own now belongs to me and is getting prepped for the slow sr18de to come out and the mighty sr20det to go in, if I can figure out how I will post a few pics of what it looks like these days.
She seems to boost a lot better now. Still doesn't like too much load/heat but will put up for a while. Next is OEM coil and Walbro fuel pump, along with wheels and tyres of some description! Engine mounts being replaced as well as bearings. Then to tidy up the damage to the front... lol

Anyone want to part with an OEM G20 P10 grill! will swap JDM!
Still want my wheels? You can come round anytime before 2:30 this sat if ur keen bro
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