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I'm in no way defending him but, sometimes things do happen in life that sometimes are not controllable. He's a good guy. I can understand why people are mad but take a step back and look at from a different point of view-
Dema- in Cali, no phone or internet access and a new best friend named Bubba...
now comes the day that Dema is free and hops on Gnet only to see that everybody now hates him for bailing with monies and parts...
If you were being badly talked about do you think you would bother trying to make things right?
just a thought...

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Because ya know when you're in jail, the police let you finish your online transactions....

Also thousands of dollars? You fucking kidding me? He barley even had a grand worth of stuff posted. You'll get your cash back, quit acting like a E-Thugs. **coughDave_SR20cough**

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Well, he may be a crazy mofo, and go 6 gillion mph most of the time, but, I've never seen anything that would suggest he won't honor his commitments! I've dealt with Dema in the past and he's made only completely fair deals that I know of.

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I still don't get why everyone is defending him. He didnt hold up his end so he is wrong for that. He may have been ok on previous sales but obviously there is more than one person getting screwed by him currently

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1:54 PM <Dema> I've been gone, obviously. If you care to know I've had my p11 seized by the police, torn apart and literally banged up.the cost to get it back surpasses the value of the car haha the point of this thread is to gather people who may feel i owe them money or parts. Im here to make amends, i love this community and wish to acquire another p chassis and build that again. i can't in good faith even try to do that with out making amends first, which is why im reaching out. I apologize seriously. please call or txt me or send a pm so we can work this out six26fourNine841three2
1:53 PM <Jaralaccs> sure what do you want it to say
1:53 PM <Dema> so anyone willing to do that for me?
1:52 PM <Dema> my router is fucked up keeps timing out when i try
1:52 PM <enohand> ? you cant popst new threadS?
1:52 PM <JDM_Ej> well glad you are still with us
1:51 PM <enohand> holy shit its a dema
1:51 PM <Dema> i wouldnt ask if i could
1:51 PM <Dema> gnet is iffy i cant post new threads
1:51 PM <Jaralaccs> why dont you make one yourself
1:51 PM <Dema> its a "amends" thread
1:50 PM <Dema> almost died haha
1:50 PM <JDM_Ej> holy shit you're alive
1:50 PM <Jaralaccs> about what
1:49 PM <Dema> can some one post a thread for me
1:49 PM <Dema> i need a favor
1:49 PM <Dema> hi

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im right here and have your parts, shipping will take time. that's if you still want the parts.

dave you got your money back, be cool. sorry for the trouble....
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