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so since i'm still dreaming of lowering my wifes car I've been thinking about this.
I figure that once you have your shock assembly taken apart if you place the new shock into your upper mount and compress it till it bottoms out and add 1/2 to an inch to how much space is left between them for total bump stop length. what do you guys think?

I think I've decided to go with Koni Reds and Tein stechs if I do it (yeah I know Tein SSs would only be a little more than the $550-$600 i'd be spending). I'll be cutting a ring out of a piece of 1/2 inch high density rubber to place under the upper spring seats (in the spring cup not between the mount and the chassis) on all 4 shocks to bring it to a net 1 inch drop. so i dont believe i'll be needing meps mounts.
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