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I've posted this question in this section, because I assume that people with technical knowledge will most likely view these threads.

In any case, my question is about safely removing an airbag from the car, without affecting the rest of the airbags. The reason why I might want to do this is to install and after market steering wheel, or bucket seat. I've talked to the dealership about this, and obviously, they're very reluctant about helping you disable a safety feature. I'm pretty sure it's against the law as well.

The problem is that the airbags on a G20t are a system. By removing one, the other three don't work. The computer detects this and starts flashing the airbag light. A simple fix is just to remove the light, but I want the benefit of having the other airbags work too.

If I ever get into an accident, If I'm injured, it's one thing, but my passenger should not have to suffer for my modifying my car.

So if anyone knows how to disable one or more airbags without affecting the entire system, please tell.
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