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Died! No Start! Camshaft Position Sensor!?!

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Need help with this one please!

Car died when I was starting from a stop advanced warning. I got a P0340 code (camshaft position sensor) which I've erased a couple times but it keeps returning everytime I try to crank the car. Since it stalled out, it has mostly cranked, but not turned over. Mysteriously, a couple times it has run for a few seconds after start up and then it was able to run for a good ten minutes before it stalled out again while I was driving it around the block. I've now been unable to restart it after disconnecting the battery for a while, reconnecting the distributor plugs, checking connections, etc.

I'm thinking about replacing the it likely/unlikely that this is my simple problem? Thanks good sirs.
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I would agree with your plan of action, sir.
you might be able to start it is you take the dizzy apart and hit the electronic wheel and eye with a can of the compressed air for cleaning pc keyboards. i had this issue with my p11 a few years ago. i replaced my dizzy and it was fine. my dizzy had a bad seal and was letting dirty oil into the electronic sensor part of the dizzy.
Remove the crank sensor clean it off, reinstall.
Remove dizzy cap lightly sand rotor and the nodes inside the cap
See if it helps.

See if ur getting spark by having someone crank the motor while u hold up a spark plug wire end to the valve cover.
So I swapped out the dizzy and it's running again. It was weird because I had two different scan tools that couldn't communicate with the car. I was thinkning that it was a computer or wiring problem at first, but eventually I was able to get the code. Easy fix...had me scared though. Thanks for the input.
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